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Steadfast support for Community Spirit

We appreciate the people who live and work in the communities where our facilities are located.

In the Community

Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation

Since 2009, Assured has been partners with the Pinball Clemons Foundation, mainly because we believe in the mantra which drives their organization – “we believe in giving a hand up, not a hand out”.  Helping someone become sustainable, to improve their positioning in life, to no limit, is what the Pinball Clemons Foundation believes in, and what Assured supports.  All proceeds from our annual golf tournament are re-directed toward the foundation, which they put toward a well-balanced portfolio of both local and international initiatives.  From building a hospital in Haiti, sending kids to local summer camps in the Greater Toronto Area, and providing scholarships to students to pursue post-secondary education are just a few ways they empower our local and global communities.

Pinball Clemons


In 2011 we had a unique opportunity to set up a “fruit shack” at MacKids annual Walk n’ Wheel event – giving out fruit to all those that completed the course to support the MacKids Foundation.  Since then our partnership grew into us giving proceeds of repaired vehicles back to the foundation, and our fruit shack has now grown into a respectable “farmers market” type venue. We continue to support the Walk n’ Wheel event. In 2019, over $224,000 was raised – the largest amount raised in a single year. Over the past decade, we have raised millions of dollars to purchase equipment and to support innovative programs designed to help children with life-challenging aliments. 

Supporting our Industry

When post-secondary institutions design programs to serve the collision repair industry, they need professional industry input to know what we are looking for in an Auto Body Apprentice. In 2018, we were invited to join the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) at Centennial College. This group of industry leaders collaborates on an ongoing basis with the college to constantly assess the “real-time” value of their program. It also discusses what students need to learn to prepare themselves for both current and future repair procedures. We value this opportunity, because as the industry moves forward with advancements, so do we, on our production floor. Now we can be confident that Apprentices coming from this program are more likely to be job-ready.

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