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Tips To Keep Your Vehicle's Paint Looking New

Whether your vehicle was involved in a collision or you just wanted a new look, a freshly-painted vehicle is a beautiful thing. Naturally, you'll want to keep that paint job glossy and gleaming for as long as possible. Fortunately, there are things you can do (and not do) to help keep your car looking great.

Here are some dos and don’ts for maintaining your car’s newly-painted appearance.


Wash your car by hand.

Although commercial car washes are quick and convenient, they also increase the chances of your vehicle’s paint getting scratched or chipped. The wash may also use harsh chemicals that can dull or damage your car's finish. To protect your vehicle’s new paint job, it's always best to wash your vehicle the old-fashioned way--with a bucket of mild soapy water and microfibre cloths.

Keep your car covered or inside the garage.

Extreme weather conditions can affect new paint, so, if possible, keep your car shaded or covered, especially during the first two months. Also, keeping your car in the open makes it prone to bird droppings, tree sap, and the other yucky like, which may damage your car's new look.

Apply wax or conditioner to your car.

Waxes and conditioners help protect your paint and its shine; however, you should wait at least two to three months to apply these products. Waxes and polishes shouldn’t be used on acrylic-painted cars either. Instead, use a paint conditioner to keep your car looking its best.


Use an ice scraper on your car's body.

When it's winter and you see your car covered in snow or ice, you may be tempted to scrape it off using a hard plastic scraper. Don’t do it! The tool may take the paint off right along with the snow. Instead, use your hands or a soft brush to remove snow from your car.

Spill harsh chemicals on your vehicle.

Newly-painted cars are especially susceptible to harsh substances and chemicals. Therefore, take extra care when topping up fluids like oil, washer fluid, or antifreeze to not spill them on your vehicle’s paint. If you do accidentally pour some onto the paint surface, wipe it off immediately.

Drive on dusty gravel roads.

Loose rocks and debris can damage your car's new finish. Especially in the early stages when the paint is still hardening, it is best to avoid dirt or gravel roads, or roads near construction sites.

After a collision, the paint technicians at Assured Automotive will restore your vehicle to a near-new condition. Every single Assured location uses the latest in repair and production techniques.

Contact you nearest location to schedule an appointment!

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