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What Should I Do Right After a Vehicle Accident?

Accident Checklist

When you are involved in a vehicle accident, you’ll most likely experience a whirlwind of emotions such as fear, frustration, anger. But the worst emotion is the helplessness you may feel when you are suddenly in a situation and don’t know what to do next.

The following post-accident checklist provides you with a list of things to do and information to collect immediately after an accident.

Tip: Keep a print copy of this checklist in your vehicle so you have it when you need it.

1. Stop and check for injuries.

After an accident, the first step is to always stop your car. Never drive away from the scene, no matter how minor the collision may have seemed. A hit and run is a serious offense.

If possible, pull off to the side of the road out of the way of traffic. Once you’ve stopped your car, immediately check to see if you or your passengers are hurt, then check on the people in the other vehicle.

2. Call for help.

Call 9-1-1 for help in any of these circumstances:

  • there are serious injuries
  • there have been fatalities
  • there is an unlicensed driver or unregistered vehicle
  • you were involved in a hit and run
  • you suspect the use of drugs or alcohol

If there is only damage to the vehicles, 9-1-1 does not have to be called.

3. Exchange Information.

After checking for injuries, the next thing to do is exchange information with the other driver. You will want to obtain the following information to make your insurance claim:

  • full name
  • driver’s license number
  • phone number
  • address
  • insurance provider
  • year and make
  • model
  • colour
  • license plate number
  • events leading to the accident (e.g. other party ran stop sign)
  • damage to vehicle
  • injuries, if any
  • date and time
  • location of accident
  • direction of travel
  • road conditions (wet/dry; gravel/asphalt)
  • witnesses (if any)

Having a cell phone on hand is extremely useful in this situation. Take plenty of photos of the damage on both vehicles. It’s also a good idea to take a photo of the other person’s driver’s license and insurance information to ensure you capture all the information correctly.

4. Call your insurance provider.

It is important to report an accident to your insurance company immediately after an accident. The sooner you make a claim, the sooner you can get the repair process started.

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